Herd of Cape Eland Targeted by Illegal Hunters

eilandThe Cape Town Environmental Education Trust says they’re doing all they can to protect a herd of Eland from illegal hunting.

The City of Cape Town has urged the public to be on the lookout for suspected illegal hunters in the Cape’s nature reserves.

Illegal hunting of animals like the Cape Hare and Grysbok are placing them in danger of becoming extinct locally.

The Trust’s Petro Botha says they are doing all they can to protect five young Eland who were reintroduced back into the Zeekoevlei Nature Reserve last month which borders next Marina Da Gama.

“We haven’t had any problems yet. The eland return to at night where they are kept safe. We don’t let them out in the reserve overnight. During the day, they have monitors to make sure they’re safe.”

It’s hoped the Eland that last roamed the Cape’s natural areas 200 years ago, will prevent vegetation encroachment.

Source: EWN

A Permanent Holiday

SC060_000000319_01Bring your canoe or kayak and feel like you’re on permanent holiday in this beautiful home. Positioned on the most charming island in Marina Da Gama, with awesome views spanning the entire marina and mountains – surrounded by a bird’s paradise, sits this charming home. This laid back home features all the requirements you ever wished for.

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8 Home Security Mistakes you’re Making



Every day we make mistakes that leave our homes vulnerable to a break-in. A burglar will always choose the easiest target and that’s good news for you – it means you have a lot of influence on whether you become a victim or not.

  • Hiding keys by doorways – leaving keys near door ways is very risky as you risk someone duplicating your key and breaking in whenever they want.
  • Leaving out mail – an overflowing mailbox is a good sign that no one is home as well as it allows criminals to steal your mail and gain personal information.
  • Open windows – windows are often the easiest entry point for burglars to access your home as doors can be sturdy and deadlocked.
  • Leaving valuables in sight – valuables should be left out sight so that burglars and stored away as expensive items signal that you have money and is a clear indicator to a burglar that your home is worth targeting.
  • No visible security – securing your home with burglar bars and visible security measures is a huge deterrent to burglars.
  • Not maintaining your yard – a messy yard is a signal to a burglar that you are an easy target as untrimmed trees and hedges make for potential hiding places.
  • Updating social media – avoid using social media to let strangers know your whereabouts as you never know who is following you online.
  • A lifeless home – leaving lights and the TV / Radio on a timer can signal to a burglar that someone is home.

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The Secrets of Marina Da Gama

marina da gamaThe name conjures up many different images.
Many think it is a suburb of small semi-detached houses as they race by on Prince Georges Drive.
For the few lucky who know this is not so.
Just off the M5  one of the several bridges to the various islands transports you into near idyllic place to live.
Here you don’t buy a house,you purchase a whole new lifestyle.
The marina was developed in the early 1970’s by Anglo American and is a brilliant series of waterways linking all the houses on the water and out onto the wonderful estuary of Sandvlei.
You can leap into your canoe and if the thought grabs you,paddle all the way down to Muizenberg beach.
The waters are clean and carefully monitored and abound with fish of all kinds.
Because the water is saline but not as salty as the sea both salt water and fresh water fish are to be found with catches of Garrick over 20kg being recorded.
Saline water also means that mosquitoes cannot breed.
For animal lovers we have Cape lcawless otters,most often seen at night and are blessed with an array of bird life including King Fishers, Pelicans and our own two resident Fish Eagles.
The gregarious duck population give endless amusement as do the Coots and the Crested Greebs with their young riding round on their backs are fascinating.
The one access road to the islands with security checkpoints makes these areas safe and secure and results in a wonderful village atmosphere where people meet each other easily, often during the dog walk!
The Oudevlei end of Marina da Gama offers the Uitsig peninsula Island and some really nice affordable houses in Oudevlei for the up and coming and executives in the making.
Being close to the M5 makes for easy access to main arterials and it has a shopping centre across the road at Capricorn.
Added to this is the bonus of being less than 10 minutes away from the major shopping Mall at the Blue Route.
So don’t rush by next time,turn in and take a look and unfold Cape Towns best kept secret.
Community notice brought to you by Chas EverittMarina Da Gama

Fish found in Marina Da Gama

marina da gama fish

Marina Da Gama and Zandvlei is the only functioning estuary on the False Bay coast, and supports a variety of indigenous fish. Juvenile marine fish use the estuary as a nursery where they can grow in safety. It is important that the estuary mouth is open for at least part of the year, to enable young fish to enter and older fish to return to the ocean. It is opened artificially by the Catchment Management Department when a high spring tide is expected. Southern Mullet, Leervis, the critically endangered White Steenbras, White Stumpnose and Elf are among the 25 types of fish found in the estuary. Strict recreational fishing regulations apply, including minimum size catch and bag limits, to protect young fish so that they can have a chance to breed. Many sport anglers now prefer to ‘catch, tag and release’ fish so that they can enjoy fishing without threatening fish populations. Local anglers are encouraged to remove alien invasive fish species such as Carp and Barbel. ~ Article from: Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve


Zandvlei Eco Celebration

ZandvleiAs part of the 2015 Muizenberg Festival, the Zandvlei Eco Celebration will help put the ‘green’ back into Muizenberg.

A seven-day experience highlighting various ‘green’ topics through a variety of fun, interactive educational activities, open-day displays, talks, boat rides and nature walks, the intention of the Eco Celebration is to encourage local residents to learn more about the Greater Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve, and help protect and care for their unique wetland coastal home.

For bookings and information contact Mark on 021 7017542 Markclive.arendse@capetown.gov.za