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Cape Town Water Crisis: What you’ll have to pay in ‘water tax’

    Source: The South African

    Date: 2017-12-05

    It is all but confirmed that from February next year, Cape Town will be introducing a “water tax” or a water levy or a water surcharge. Call it whatever you will.

    The purpose of the charge is to raise more capital for long-term drought solutions. But it’s also a bit of a Catch22. Since the City is generating less income from water – with everybody saving so much – they are collecting less revenue. Thus meaning less money to pay for solutions.

    But just how much will you have to pay?

    Let’s take a look.



    Cape Town’s proposed water levy charges

    Residential property value (in ZAR) Water tax (ZAR)
    400k none
    600k 35
    800k 45
    1m 50
    2m 115
    3m 170
    4m 225
    5m 280
    6m 340
    7m 420
    10m 565
    20m 1120
    50m 2800

    But really, if your property is valued at R4 million, we’re pretty sure you can afford the R200 a month to pay your surcharge. Weren’t you spending that on filling your pool before restrictions anyway?

    The City of Cape Town is searching for an additional R1bn per year while the dams recover from the unprecedented drought conditions.

    Cape Town’s water use has spiked over the last few weeks. With rainy season well and truly over and the tourist season set to begin, it’s crunch time to avoid day zero.

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