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15 of the Very Best Braai Side Dishes

    The Marina da Gama blog and Chas Everitt wish all our Marina da Gama residents a very happy Heritage Day.
    Heritage Day
    We have rounded up 15 of our favourite braai side dishes for you this Heritage Day! Enjoy!

    1. Creamiest potato au gratin

    2. Grilled sweetcorn

    3. Creamy mushroom potato bake

    4. Buttery, cheesy garlic bread

    5. Creamy potato bake with caramelised onion

    6. Butternut and onion gratin

    7. Mielie bake

    8. Biltong, feta and mushroom pap tert

    9. Cauliflower with bacon and onion sauce

    10. Baked bacon and spinach stuffed blooming onions

    11. Bacon-wrapped mushroom

    12. Potato salad with a twist

    13. Creamy bacon potato salad

    14. Braaied potato halves

    15. Caramelised onion, potato and feta bake

    Lekker braai” * Sourced from Food24