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Showhouses & Coronavirus

    Within a week everything so much changed! Like every business, real estate companies are scrambling to understand and make changes that are sure to be required due to the Coronavirus measures being implemented.

    Here are seven common-sense measures all agents and sellers and buyers should follow for showhouses:

    1. Buyers should view the property online first and shortlist those for viewing as opposed to randomly popping in to see properties they have no idea will or will not be suitable.
    2. Buyers should consider not bringing children or additional members of the family on multi viewings. Of course, if a home is selected or shortlisted for a second viewing then a full family visit can be arranged where children are closely monitored.
    3. On entry to the property, a warm welcome should not involve any handshake.
    4. If there is a good attendance people should be asked and prepared to wait until there are fewer people inside the house doing a viewing – the fewer the better.
    5. On entry to the property, a hand sanitiser should be used and if there is no alternative an appropriate spray wash and paper towel dry.
    6. Buyers should be reminded to avoid touching anything – and doors to rooms should be left open for viewing and not closed. Door handles should be wiped with an appropriate product before and after the showhouse.
    7. The agent should discuss related issues to the opening and the closing of the showhouse with the seller.

      Let’s talk and be sensible about solutions!

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